Traditional Emirati food is the identity and the heart of the UAE!

CULINARY MAGIC OF THE EMIRATES’ is an inspired compilation of culinary recipes steeped in the rich cultural tradition of the Emirati population. It spans the expansive and mystic landscape of the United Arab Emirates and is the culmination of author Alexandra von Hahn’s interviews with over two dozen Emirati women and professional chefs.

The traditional Emirati food culture plays an important part in every Emirati’s upbringing. In fact, traditional Emirati food culture is powerfully reverential to those who understand the foundation and purpose behind the rituals. They are the ones who have decided to preserve this extraordinary culture for their families and generations to come.

In order to understand this powerful and magnetic culture, I decided to write a cookbook which would appeal to everyone interested in this remarkable culinary experience. I hope that Emirati families and Emirati working men and women will look at this book as a celebration of these recipes and how they bring people together. I interviewed as many Emirati families as I could to witness how they preserve their passion for cooking out of joy and love. It was amazing to see how every Emirati family has its own recipe adaptation for the same dishes, something which is very important for those who want to learn how to cook these recipes.

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