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Carefully Guarded Culinary Stories

Carefully Guarded Culinary Stories

Carefully Guarded Culinary Stories‘CULINARY MAGIC OF THE EMIRATES’ is an inspired compilation of culinary recipes steeped in the rich cultural tradition of the Emirati population. It spans the expansive and mystic landscape of the United Arab Emirates and is the culmination of author Alexandra von Hahn’s interviews with over two dozen Emirati women and professional chefs.

Alexandra von Hahn now shares this collection of “culinary” stories; carefully guarded, cherished recipes that in many cases were only ever whispered among the Emirati people.

During her travels throughout the Emirates, Baroness von Hahn was graciously welcomed into the homes and commercial establishments of a host of celebrated chefs and Emirati women who treasure the deep cultural connection to their tradition, their personal lives and their social fabric.

While visiting Emirati women’s homes, the author developed lasting friendships and an empowering sense of tradition, the very heritage of Emirati culture. Each chapter introduction glimpses into the cultural framework of a nation, highlighting how deeply meaningful tradition transcends through their culinary experience. The experience was embellished when these gracious families included Baroness von Hahn in their dining experience whether with their own family or with a host of guests. The overwhelming sense of welcome was indeed an honor for the author whose one-of-a-kind culinary experiences are shared herein.

Recipes would not be complete without photographs and this cookbook does not disappoint. Featured throughout are lavish shots and images, most taken by the author during interviews and cooking demonstrations.

 From the capital city of Abu Dhabi to surrounding Emirates, from desert landscapes to vast oases and mountains, as you turn the pages of this culturally rich cookbook, you will experience the aromatic scents, sights and delightful sounds that are one with the people and their culture. Enjoy the culinary magic of Emirati cuisine!


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