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About Baroness Alexandra von Hahn-Sennyey

About Baroness Alexandra von Hahn-Sennyey

About Baroness Alexandra von Hahn-SennyeyBaroness Alexandra von Hahn-Sennyey resides in Eichwalde, Germany, a lovely city located in the southeastern Berlin city limits. The author lived in Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates, between 2010 through 2014 during which time she, her husband, a German Diplomat, and their two children experienced life and its culture in this enchanting, cosmopolitan and historic coastal centre situated on the west coast of an island jutting out into the vast inland sea known as the Persian Gulf.

Daughter of Baltic-German and Hungarian Aristocrats Baron Peter von Hahn-Lieven and Countess Marie Jeanne Sennyey-Széchenyi, she was born in Santiago, the capital city of Chile, centered in the ‘Santiago Basin’, broad and fertile lands surrounded by mountains, where she lived until the age of 11 after which she and her family moved and settled in Montreal, Canada.

Her creative and enterprising career has seen her work for the Royal Canadian Mint, establish the Canadian Cheesecake franchise in Berlin and become a Holistic Relationship Coach. Her role as a relationship coach and her interest in local Emirati cooking has inspired her to research and create this cookbook about how traditional Emirati families prepare their meals. They have invited the Baroness into their homes wherein she has observed their traditional cooking techniques, tasted their family recipes, and marveled at the extraordinary experience of their hospitality.

As a trained photographer, Baroness von Hahn chose to personally photograph people and food for her cookbook, with the permission of the interviewees of course. The photography was done using natural light.

Baroness von Hahn is proud to present her first collection of recipes.

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